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Past Events

Thursday 21 September 2023

Ten Pin Bowling
Stationary photo

Thursday 13 July 2023

Upper Hutt Cossie Club

Another great outing was had at the Cossie Club  with members already mentioning a repeat at some point in the future.


Members in attendance included residents and ex residents from the men’s and women’s houses.

Members Had also extended an invite to kaibosh Food Rescue.

We’re pleased that lance was able to join us.

All up we enjoyed:

•5 Kiwi burgers

•1 Fettuccine

•17 Steaks

•3 Chicken Burgers

•2 Pork Bellys

•6 Fish & Chips

For desserts we enjoyed:

•16 Banana Splits

•3 Chocolate fondants

•6 Bread puddings

Digital art exhibit

Wednesday 1st March

Matiu Somes Island

We got there! On Wednesday 1 March the members' had a great day out at Matiu Somes island. After two failed attempts due to poor weather and Covid we thoroughly enjoyed our day out!  
The weather was perfect and we were pleased our two trainee interns could join us.
The majority of us had never been before and were pleasantly surprised by the history the island had to offer.  In fact the two hours we were there wasn’t quite long enough.

Digital art exhibit
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