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Lived experience, real support

We provide

"Intentional peer support"

What is intentional peer support?

  • It’s all about conversation

  • We listen to and value your stories (personal journey)

  • We are fully present to your issues and concerns

  • We share our story of recovery to help you achieve yours

  • We support you in developing strategies or steps forward

  • We provide quality information and positive empowerment to build connections

  • We have no pre-determined outcomes or expectations

  • We respect your individual ethnic, cultural and spiritual perspective.


Our peer support workers have a lived experience of mental illness or addiction and are here to support your recovery and help you achieve your goals. 


Support is always available in group conversations in our lounge, or in an individual private session. Individual Intentional Peer Support is available through the following channels:

  • One on one in a private meeting room at Oasis Network Inc.

  • Off site if necessary e.g. at a café or community centre

  • In a group setting

  • Over the phone

  • Through email or skype.


Intentional Peer Support is free to mental health consumers living or working in the Wellington region.

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